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Visualize Philanthropy's Impact on the Arts

Welcome to this special, custom edition of Philanthropy In/Sight®—focusing on the arts.

October is Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center. Philanthropy In/Sight: Arts was designed to help shed light on the field through use of an interactive mapping tool containing dynamic information on who's giving and who's getting grants.

By tapping into the Foundation Center's vast database of information on grantmakers and grants, and providing access to a diverse array of demographic, socio-economic, and other data, Philanthropy In/Sight: Arts enables grantseekers to gather intelligence to craft compelling grant proposals and visualize philanthropy's impact on the arts.

Use the Grantmaker Map to learn more about who's supporting the arts, including grantmakers with a stated interest in the arts as well as grantmakers awarding grants to nonprofits in this field. Click the Grantmaker Map Create/Edit link at the top of the screen, then click the check box under Plot Map Pins and click the Create/Refresh Map button.

Use the Grant Map to learn more about the support being awarded for the arts, including who's giving and who's getting grants. Click the Grant Map Create/Edit link at the top of the screen, then click the two check boxes under Plot Map Pins and click the Create/Refresh Map button.

Zoom in by double-clicking on the map to see arts funding on a local level.

Philanthropy In/Sight: Arts includes data on tens of thousands of grants. Click on a pin to view more information on any grantmaker or grant recipient and drill down for details on grants.

The complete functionality of our full-scale Philanthropy In/Sight tool is available in this special, custom edition. For details on how to customize maps to your exact specifications, including by specific arts-related grant subject, and how to overlay your maps with demographic, socio-economic, and other data in over 150 categories, click the User Manual link at the top of any screen.

Philanthropy In/Sight: Arts can be accessed for FREE, but the full power of Philanthropy In/Sight, containing data on over 104,000 grantmakers and more than 2.4 million grants, can be harnessed starting from $1,495 per year. It's the essential tool that grantseekers are using to visualize the scope and reach of philanthropy—from local communities to countries around the globe.

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